How to make “Friends” Baby Shower Cookies

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I was so excited to attend a baby shower for a sweet couple that I have know since they started dating. They are so excited for their new baby boy that is due in December, and I attended a Friends themed shower! I had nothing to do with thinking of the theme, that was another friend’s brilliant idea, but I was 100% on board and started planning what cookies I could bring. I am going to share my how-to’s for how I made each of these Friends-themed baby shower cookies, which may be my best yet!

I’ll be there for you! My Friends themed baby cookies were a big hit at the shower!

First, I ordered this baby shower set of cookie cutters from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. I ordered the small set, but there is a larger set, too. I may end up getting the larger set, too, because I am a little obsessed with the footie pajamas, but I didn’t get them this time. Ann Clark’s cutters are really sturdy and easy to work with, so these were great to use! I am going to share the basics of each of the cookies that I made for this set.

I only used 3 of the cutters from the set for this collection plus a standard circle or biscuit cutter that I already had.

“He’s her lobster” boy bib

This lobster bib was so fun to make. The lobster quote from Friends is a classic, so it was easy to decide to include a lobster somewhere in this set.

  1. I started this cookie with the lobster on a royal icing transfer. There are tons of these available online or on Etsy, but I had the time, so I chose to make my own using free clipart images from shutterstock.
  2. I used Super Red from the Student Kit from Americolor to get that lobster red color and plain royal icing. I did not pipe the antennae or the legs on the transfers, just the body.
I printed an extra sheet and let my 7yo practice with me. She did a pretty great job, too! What I love the most about transfers is that there is no pressure to be perfect. We did as many as we wanted, as long as we got a few good ones that could be used for the final product!.
  1. I used just a little bit of Sky Blue from the Student Kit from Americolor to get a really nice baby blue for my bib, then I piped the center part of the bib on. I added white drops on the wet blue icing to get the polka dots to sink into the icing for a smooth look.
I let that dry for about 5 hours before I came back to it for the next phase of decorating.
  1. I outlined the lace edge with white, and added the same baby blue icing on wet icing again for the lace edge.
  2. I was finally ready to add my cute little lobsters! I piped a little royal icing under my lobsters and stuck them on.
  3. The final step was the black icing for the antennae and tiny drops for the eyes. I cut my tipless bag to the smallest opening I could for the black. Then I added the red legs and he was done!
I smoothed his legs down a little with my scribe tool so they weren’t as raised off of his body, but I forgot to snap that picture, I just love the red contrasted on the blue bib on this cookie, but a pink bib would work for a girl or maybe a mint green or light gray for gender-neutral!

Peephole Rattle

I think this is my favorite from this set. Mainly because I am obsessed with the purple rattle color. I have really struggled with my colors since I started decorating, but I felt like with this one I finally nailed it!

  1. I started with the picture frame royal icing transfer on this one, too. I did these transfers a full day before I even baked the cookies so they would have plenty of time to harden. (I am probably overly cautious on that.) I used a free picture frame image to create my own transfer sheet, but these can be purchased from many sellers on Etsy, if you prefer. This yellow was Lemon Yellow, with a tiny bit of Orange dropped in, both from the Student Kit from Americolor, to get that dark yellow for the frame.
I was so glad these were transfers! My first batch of yellow was way too thin and would not hold its shape. I had to stop after my first few and remix it. I was so glad they were just transfers and I didn’t find that out on actual cookies! I piped top and bottom rows first on all of them, then went back and did the sides so I would get some dimension on the corners.
  1. My next step, after baking the rattles, was mixing that purple that I am obsessed with. I started with the Violet from the Student Kit from Americolor (I love this kit!). The Violet was good, but not Friends-door-good, so I added in 1 drop of Royal Blue and 2 drops of Deep Pink, and poof! It was perfect! I did not expect the Deep Pink to make such a difference, but it brought out so much life in the purple! I am gushing about colors right now, but I really loved this rattle.
  1. I piped the top and the bottom of the rattle with my purple, leaving a small circle in the bottom open, and left the handle plain while I worked on some other cookies. After about an hour, I came back and added the white handles before letting it all set for about 5 hours.
  1. Next, I added the ribbon in the same yellow piping that I used for the frame. At the same time, I added the details of the extra piping lines on the royal icing frames. Again- thank goodness I had lots of transfers to make LOTS of mistakes on!
  2. Finally, I was ready to stick my frames on and add my black dot peephole with a touch of white for the light. I used my scribe to swirl the white into the black for a wet on wet blended look.
Obsessed with this purple!

Half-eaten Nestlee Toulhouse cookie

This was a fun cookie to make because it was my first attempt at A) inventing my own shape and B) cookies that look like other food (which is really what I want to specialize in) and C) I love the Phoebe’s cookies episode! I’m not going to lie, I’m watching it right now. (S7: E3, if you are wondering– follow up: I forgot this was also the Chandler/ Sauna episode and I am laughing so much I am crying right now. )

  1. I started with the biscuit cutter, but used the scalloped edge from the baby bib to cut a “bite-shaped” hole off of the edge.
  1. The colors were so easy for this one. I used Warm Brown for the cookie base and then Chocolate Brown for a few chocolate chips when the base was still wet.
I intentionally made the chips different sizes so they would look more real.
  1. Finally, after the icing had dried, I went back and added the extra “chips” on top so they would add some dimension.
These were fun and easy enough for my daughter to do, and I always like to have at least one that we can both do together!

Baby name logo onesie

I was so lucky that Baby JD has a easy name, because my lettering skills need some work! I managed to handle 2 letters, and with more practice, I will be able to do more the next time. At least I hope…

  1. This logo onesie had to be black…. and really, really black. I used Super Black from Americolor to get this really dark black and I love how it looks with the other colors.
  2. After the flood dried, I added the white letters. I definitely pulled up a font on my phone so I could refer to it while I piped these letters. Lettering is something that needs a lottttt of work…
  3. Finally, I added the dots and the very thin black piping for details. The red and yellow dots were the same colors that I used on the lobsters and picture frames in the royal icing transfers. The blue was a perfect turquoise that I had leftover from a set a few days before, so I was lucky to get to use it again! The black piping on the edge is not that noticeable, but it adds so much to the cookie!
This wasn’t a detailed cookie to make, but I love how crisp and clean the finished product looks. And I don’t think there is any question what we are paying homage to!

These were all so fun to make, and were a big hit at the shower! I hope to get more opportunities for fun theme cookies like this. Next week, I’ll be working on a chili cookoff set for my school- so that will be fun too! Have a great weekend and if you have any suggestions for how to improve on my lettering, please leave a comment below! -K

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